K12 Youth Code

An National US Coding League For Middle School Students

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Multidisciplinary, academic curriculum-based challenges!

"powered on, ready to code!"

K12youthcode will issue weekly challenges which integrate school level multidisciplinary and curriculum-based Math, Social Studies and Science concepts.  K12youthcode serves as academic enrichment for students while developing problem solving, critical reasoning and design thinking skills required to complete the technical component of each challenge.

Ten Weeks of National MIT Scratch Coding Competition!

K12 Youth Code is a national Scratch-programming league created for US public, charter, homeschool and private school students in Kindergarten through 8th grades. Scratch is a “media-rich programming environment” recently developed by MIT’s Media Lab that “lets you create your own animations, games, and interactive art.” Scratch is intended to “enhance the development of technological fluency among youths.

Scratch Tournament Schedule 2017-2018

"powered on, ready to code"

Challenge                                   Issued                             Due

Cycle The Water                        Nov 3, 2017                    Nov 10, 2017

What’s the Matter                     Nov 10, 2017                  Nov 17, 2017

Plan- et!                                      Nov 17, 2017                  Dec 1, 2017

Energize the Ecosystem           Dec 1, 2017                     Dec 8, 2017

Map It !                                        Dec 8, 2017                     Dec 15, 2017

Branched out                             Jan 12, 2018                      Jan 19, 2018

State Competition                     Jan 19, 2018                      Jan 26, 2018

State Competition                     Jan 26, 2018                      Feb 2nd, 2018

Nationals                                    Feb 2nd, 2018                   Feb 16, 2018

Nationals                                    Feb 16, 2018                     Feb 23, 2018

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Develop Awesome Projects!

Students will be issued a tutorial video with each new weekly challenge.  The challenges will become increasingly more difficult but students will be guided by videos and tutorials along the way.  Build animations, games, stories that incorporate Math, Science and Writing.  Watch your students improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Sign up TODAY and give your students an incredible advantage.

Prepare Students For The 21st Century!

Enroll your students in the K12youthcode league and watch them develop critical skills that help them develop into all-round students of the 21st century; They will learn the Importance of winning, learning from loss, time management adaptability, grace under pressure.  Sign up today and give your students a significant advantage!

Win Cool Prizes!

Participants will win certificates, flash-drives, robot sets and laptop computers.  Our sponsors will also donate swag and other fun prizes to winning teams.  Signup today and challenge your students to improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Expose them to technology and prepare them for a future of careers in STEM.  Signup TODAY!

K12 YC Uses MIT's Scratch Programming

K12 Youth Code is a Scratch programming competition for students K-8th grade. Teams can join under a school, After-school program, Homeschool, Neighborhood club, or with some friends.

"Powered On, Ready To Code!"

"It's important for everyone to learn to code the same way it's important to learn to write" -- Mitchel Resnick, MIT Media Labs

Students all over the world are learning code logic, problem solving and critical thinking skills using Scratch programming. K12 Youth Code provides a framework for national and international competition for our young scholars. Students will solve challenges, learn to work within teams and win fun prizes.

More Information

  • Teams compete within their counties
  • County winners then compete within their states
  • State winners move on to compete at a national level
  • National winners then compete for the World Scratch Championship prize
  • New challenges are issued every week, certificates and prizes are awarded weekly, students learn problem solving, critical reasoning and analysis skills and are prepared for programming languages like Java.
  • Join today and give your students an advantage!!!