Is your child's school currently participating in K12 Youth Code middle or elementary school competition rounds? If they are, then contact your school to find a coach your student can compete with, and sign your student up! If your school isn't a current participating school, then alert your school's administration of our annual competition season and have them register their school. Once your school has registered, various coaches will sign up, and then your student will be able to sign up and join the competition!

If your child is homeschooled you can sign up as a coach, create a name for your homeschool, and enter it into your coach profile. After creating a coach account, have your students sign up for their individual accounts and attach their accounts to the homeschool you named in your coach account.

If your school has already registered for a K12 Youth Code competition season, go grab some classmates to join your team, and create your player accounts. Once you have created your account, determine which coach from your school to partner with, and have them add your team to their account. If your school isn't registered, then you should ask an administrator to register so that you can compete.

K12 Youth Code's competitions are currently targeted to students in elementary or middle schools (ages 6-14) within the United States. All middle and elementary school aged students are all able to participate in our annual competitions.

Brick & Mortar Schools and After-schools have a $249 season registration fee. Students registered under schools or after-schools have an individual registration fee of $10 that can be paid upon registration or paid to the students competition coach. Homeschooled and independent students have a $20 registration fee.

A competition season is 10-weeks long: six-weeks of county competition, three-weeks of state competition, and one-week of national competition.

K12 Youth Code currently services three levels of competition: county, state, and national. We are looking forward to adding international competition rounds in the near future.

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