K12 Youth Code Challenge Rubric


How creative is the animation or game? Does it include several sounds or just background music? Does the artwork seem well designed (good color combinations, attractive)? How engaging is it? Do you want to watch it again? Do you want to show it to others?


__/1 below average art/color

__/2 average art/color/

__/3 great art/color Good use of sound?

__/1 one sound

__/2 more than 1 sounds


__/1 (modified Scratch sprites or imported pictures)

__/2 (created own sprite(s))

How engaging?

__/1 (want to see it or play it again)

__/2 (want to show it to others)

__/3 (Wow! – blew my socks off)


__/ 10


Is it a completely original, not something taken from TV, books, video games or movies?


__/ 10 (0 for none, 5 for average, 10 outstanding)

Technical Merit

The technical difficulty of this entry. How did the team make use of the more challenging Scratch features?

Features Used (When Applicable)

__/2 Uses at least one loop

__/1 Uses at least one conditional

__/1 Uses at least one list

__/1 Uses at least one variable or timer

__/1 Does some string processing

Number of scripts (When Applicable)

__/1 (for 1-5)

__/2 (for 6-10)

__/3 (for 11+)

Number of sprites

__/1 (for 1-5)

__/2 (for 6-10)

__/3 (for 11+)

Changes the background

__/1 (for 0-3 changes)

__/2 (4+ changes)



Programming Practices

Commented code, scripts are kept small (no more than 5-10 blocks per script), the names of message and variables are meaningful, and there are good project instructions.

Concepts Used

__/ 1 Comments in code 

__/ 1 Scripts are small 

__/ 1 Good names for messages and variables

__/ 2 Good project instructions 


 __/ 5

Final Challenge Score: __/40